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Why blogging?

I am writing this blog for two reasons, the first is professional and the second is personal.

1 Professional.

I live in a beautiful place in Spain but a bit isolated. I could wait patiently for word of mouth to take effect; But patience is a virtue that I haven't quite assimilated... I'm working on it.

In addition, the types of therapeutic methods I use are a bit avant-garde (they have only been used for about 60 years) and being "new", they need to be explained in more detail.

If of all the articles I write, you should keep only one thing in mind. I'd like it to be that: Illness is neither a fatality nor a failure of the body, but a "useful" change in our biology or behavior. This informs us that we have to deal with potential unconscious emotions that our unconscious system (always) considers to be a potential danger.

In this blog I comment on discoveries, articles, conferences or books that seem to me to bring ideas, interesting news for those who are curious or those who are looking for help.

I want to make it clear in advance that I am pro-medicine; whether it is allopathic, Chinese, Ayurvedic, osteopathy, etc...

That without a medical diagnosis I can't work, that I don't give any medical advice. What I'm doing is parallel work that I know is extremely beneficial in putting the healing power "in the hands" of the people themselves.

Since cognitive therapy is not a passive approach (the person has to “work”), it is good, in order to get good results, that a few factors are present.






For the first three, I'll take care of it. For motivation, it's up to the person who comes to see me. But when it comes to trust there are two of us, these articles are also to create that trust if necessary.

2 Personally

There are three reasons.

Sharing knowledge accumulated through my research.

For the pleasure of writing.

 For the pleasure of becoming the best of myself.

If the first two reasons don't need to be explained, I'll tell you about the third..."Becoming the best I can be." Thanks to this blog I try to set an example... I apply what I recommend to my clients, I act to change.

Indeed, ACTION is the source of change, one act provoques a reaction,NOT acting doesn’t. Change is possible as long as you are motivated to move forward. In the case that motivation is failing, then you need to be helped by someone you can trust, to help you find it.

Indeed, ACTION is the source of change, an act provokes a reaction. Change is possible as long as you are motivated to move forward. And if the problem is the initial motivation, you have to trust someone to create it.

With these articles, I want to get rid of two traits of my personality that have handicapped me for too long.

The strategy is simple, do a little forcing within reason in order to transform the behavior.

For my part, I want to work on perfectionism (disabling). This need for perfection is a negative behavior that may have served me in the past, but is limiting me today. My father used to say, “Perfection is the enemy of the good”. When someone desires (unconsciously) perfection, she/ he will rarely be satisfied. At the end that someone gets tired of a project, and rarely finishes it. For my part, I don't finish half of my projects. I'll let you imagine the side effects...

Then there's the Imposter Syndrome, many of us live with this syndrome. In my case, very often, despite substantial experience, my permanent studies, my work and my own qualities, I too often continue to feel like an impostor in certain aspects. Thanks to this blog, I am forcing myself, article after article, to silence these negative internal conflicts.

I wish you an excellent day..

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