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The Therapy

A simple therapy

Cognitive therapies have already proven themselves but remain experimental therapies.

It originated in the 60s from the observations and discoveries of many therapists, psychologists, neurologists, epigeneticists, and other specialists of all kinds who are passionate about their work and have found obvious links between emotions, the unconscious, and physiological symptoms or behaviors. This was possible thanks to the exponential improvements in scientific technologies such as MRI.

Cognitive therapy methods enable biological and behavioral transformation in many people.

The concept is relatively simple: to highlight the emotional and cognitive origin of physical symptoms or behavioral difficulties, and then to free oneself with the help of language (for the most part).

The real difficulty of cognitive therapy is found in the complexity and unity of each person, but thankfully the therapist can rest on the fact that for the most part, our biology is the same from one individual to another.

These cognitive therapeutic methods claim to cure the source of ailments by working on the unconscious part of our brain.

80% of our brain activity is unconscious, it adjusts at all times our biology according to our environment.

The only mission of our unconscious is to keep us alive (for eternity also through reproduction).


I am not a doctor. I do not make any diagnosis or advise you on this or that type of medical treatment. The therapy is quite compatible with all kinds of treatments and a very large majority of diseases and negative behaviors.

In the case of serious diseases or not, in order to be able to work effectively I need the accurate diagnosis of a doctor.


If you have suicidal thoughts go talk to a doctor as soon as possible and then get back to me.


I work remotely by video conference or face-to-face.

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