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The Theory

Communication between the brain, the psyche and the body. Moving emotions from unconsciousness to consciousness

This therapy is based on the observation of biology, the communication between consciousness and unconsciousness and brain-body communication.

Each cell is connected to the brain by different communication systems: nervous system, endocrine system... If the homeostasis of our body changes, it is because our brain has ordered a specific group of cells to act differently.

The main mission of the brain is our survival: Its evolution is due to the very transformation of our needs to survive. Each new part will have a specific mission for example:

- the brain stem, the archaic model, is there for our survival, our basic needs, it allows us to breathe, to eat, to digest, to reproduce. It therefore controls the respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems, the reproductive organs, etc.

- the cortex (the new part), appears when man begins to think, to communicate... Its new functions are linked to consciousness and to relationships: it is about our survival in the social domain.

Knowing this, we can explore the emotional shock of unhappiness in a more direct and adjusted way.

Sometimes, as epi-genetics proves and as supported by medical research, we can suffer from ailments which are the result of experiences lived by our ancestors, which transform DNA and are therefore transmitted to us by our genes and end up changing family behavior. We call it trans-generational.

Take note…

Although it is always more pleasant to meet for the therapy session at my studio, know that therapy can be done effectively remotely, via a simple video conference.

Hope to meet you,

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