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The Methodology

It is through language that we will work together.

Cognitive therapies are not passive therapies, they require the person being treated to participate.

The person must get in touch with his unconscious, especially through his imagination and his physical sensations during the sessions, sometimes we have to revisit stressful and painful situations.

Often some exercises are to be done between two sessions.


For a quick and successful therapy, you need some conditions sine qua non:


  1. A real desire to heal oneself (someone pushed to come is not a good candidate).

  2. Complete trust between the therapist and the person. The person must know that what is said remains between them only. Also, it is necessary to be able to safely expose sometimes strong and intimate emotions.

  3. Being in a place where you can express yourself at ease without fear of talking, crying or even screaming.

On my side, I assure you a complete and benevolent listening without the slightest criticism or the slightest judgment.

The narrative is only useful for understanding the cognitive process.


I assure you of complete discretion.


During the sessions according to your needs I go from one method to another using various simple tools such as hypnosis, NLP, EMDR, visualization, drawing...

Cognitive therapies can be quite short therapies, we quickly enter into unconscious memories and emotions through your feelings and imagination.

We will revive these emotional shocks in order to express them.

Once expressed we will bring the necessary resources to calm the pain if there are any.

Then we check that the desired change is integrated. That way, the unconscious frees itself from the problem (perceived until then as an active and real danger).

At this point, the biology and negative behaviors should begin to disappear.

Sometimes it will be necessary to explore several emotional conflicts before arriving at the target, but each emotion processed will have a positive impact on your metamorphosis.

Although the brain is a wonderful and complex organ, it also has difficulty differentiating between reality and imagination, the virtual and the symbolic. For the unconscious, it's the same thing. He does not understand negation and does not distinguish between what is past and what is future. So we use that, and through symbolic exercises, and visualization exercises we can transform memories of danger, stress, and emotional shocks of all kinds, and reprogram the brain.


For more information contact me directly by email at the following address or by phone at +33661396485, or +34608825716.

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